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My Philosophy

As a psychiatrist, I care for children, adolescents, and adults of all ages.  I have experience in working with children at all stages of development, from toddlers to college students and well into adulthood.

I have been trained in psychotherapy, psychotropic medication management, and group/family therapy. One of the core principles I think is important is to coordinate with the different people in a child’s life, including parents, teachers, pediatricians, therapists, and other professionals.  This approach allows me to consider the totality of what my patients experience.

This holistic approach includes an assessment of my patient's relationships, social environment, physical health, diet, level of fitness, and their psychological well-being.  I believe in creating plans of care, not diagnostic labels for my patients.  To that end, it is important for our multi-disciplinary treatment team to work together to coordinate our care effectively.

Evaluating what is intrinsic to our patients biology and the situations which surround them is an important part of every assessment.  This can often result in engagement of the family and support systems surrounding our patients.  To do this effectively, I believe in being respectful, trustworthy, and available to all of my patients.

I come from a family dedicated to promoting mental health and wellness for children and families.  My sister works as a therapist/social worker, my father provides low-income housing for families, and my mother is a pre-school teacher for "at-risk" youth.

I enjoy working with a diverse patient population and am a dedicated individual.  I enjoy working with patients and look forward to helping you and yours.

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